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SHROOMBOX Mushroom Grow Kit

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Shroombox is by far the easiest and most reliable magic mushroom grow kit Canada has to offer. With our kits, you don’t have to worry about mixing substrates or navigating complicated cultivation methods – simply provide the optimal growing environment, and watch as your kit bursts to life with beautiful mushrooms. Whether you’re an experienced cultivator or a complete novice, our “Ready to Fruit” kits make mushroom cultivation a breeze. Everything you need to grow your own shrooms is included in the box.


Aztec God
The original genetics of the Aztec God strain of P. Cubensis were rumored to be first discovered near the ruins of Teotihuacan, an ancient Aztec religious site. In ancient Aztec culture, P. Cubensis among various other species of mushrooms is called “Teonanácatl”, which literally translates to “god mushroom”, hence where its name comes from (Carod-Artal, 2015). These mushrooms were often used in religious ceremonies in ancient Aztec culture, in which the Aztecs would drink chocolate and consume Teonanácatl with honey to communicate with gods. Compared to other strains of P. Cubensis, the Aztec god has an average potency. Users have reported that the Aztec god offers moderate visual alterations, euphoria, and high levels of bodily relaxation.

Avery’s Albino
The Avery’s Albino strain’s fruiting body is completely white in appearance. Despite the color, its potency is not nearly as high as other albino strains such as Albino Penis Envy; making it perfect for beginner magic mushroom users who are looking for something special. User has reported that this strain offers a very creative and philosophical psychedelic experience with moderate visual alterations. Its other effects include euphoria, elevation in mood, and warm sensation felt throughout the body.

Malabar is one of the classic strains enjoyed by many magic mushroom users. It is known for it’s fast onset and visual alterations which make users see vivid colors and geometrical visual effects. The Malabar strain is relatively friendly to novice magic mushroom users, it is often thought of as an intermediate strain for individuals who have used magic mushrooms in the past and looking for a stronger but not overwhelming psychedelic experience. Its other effects include warm body sensation, euphoria, a sense of connectedness, and elevated mood.

Pink Buffalo
The Pink Buffalo strain was first discovered by mycologist John Allen in the 1990s on Koh Samui island of Thailand. Legend says a pink buffalo was sighted with the mushroom hence the name. This strain is known for its superior potency among P.Cubensis strains, and often bring intense visual hallucinations and euphoria.

Are your kits legal to sell?
Yes, our kits are 100% legal at the time of sell. Although the Psilocybin molecule is prohibited by the Canada Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA), this prohibition does not extend to Psilocybe mushroom mycelium, cultures, or spores because they do not contain the Psilocybin molecule in amounts significant enough to test for. Psilocybin is not significantly present in psilocybe mushroom mycelium/spawn/culture; it is not present until the knotting stage of the mushroom growing cycle, late in the fruiting stage of the life-cycle of fungi.


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