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Fatty Fog Vape bar

HEETS - 54 HeatSticks

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Each carton contains 3 packs.
Each pack contains 18 HeatSticks (Tobacco Sticks).

Packs not sold individually.

  • SEQUIOA - A rich malty flavour with a high nicotine strength. The fullest flavoured of the Heets selection we offer.

  • TEAK - A full flavoured nutty smoke with a medium nicotine strength.

  • ELM - A strong flavour of wood with a medium to full nicotine strength.

  • OAK - Balanced flavour intensity with a medium nicotine strength and nutty notes.

  • CYPRESS - Medium flavour intensity with citrus notes and a zesty taste profile.  Mild nicotine strength.

  • BIRCH - The lightest in flavour and nicotine strength, the birch has a pleasant herbal taste.

Heets Flavours Coolour Swatch