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Lychee A combination of lychee and mango notes
Passionfruit Tropical passionfruit flavour with acai notes
Watermelon A refreshing watermelon flavour
Blueberry A blueberry flavour with undertones of red berries and tartness
Smooth Mint A subtle and silky cooling mint
Cool Peppermint A balanced cooling peppermint taste
Polar Mint A deep cooling spearmint and peppermint flavour
Aromatic Tobacco Creamy with light aromatic notes
Rich Tobacco A high intensity flavour with a darker smokier  taste
Golden Tobacco A well balanced Intensity with a smooth taste
Smooth Tobacco Mellow and subtle flavour
Lemon Berry A zesty citrus flavour complimented with red berry notes
Clear A smooth, clear and satisfying experience (with required disclaimers)
Peach White peach with delicate floral notes
Strawberry An authentic fruity strawberry taste
Cucumber Cucumber freshness with an element of tanginess
Blood Orange An orange flavour with red pomegranate notes
Mango A rich aromatic mango flavour
Berry A deep yet light blend of dark cherry and red fruit notes
Vanilla A rich vanilla taste with a smooth texture