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Fatty Fog Vape bar

180-pack Terea Tobacco Sticks

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ILUMA devices can only be used with new TEREA sticks. TEREA sticks are NOT compatible with any previous IQOS devices. HEETS cannot be used with IQOS ILUMA devices.

Each carton contains 10 packs.
Each pack contains 18 Smartcore Sticks (Tobacco Sticks).

Packs not sold individually.

  • SEQUIOA - A rich malty flavour with a high nicotine strength. The fullest flavoured of the Terea selection we offer.

  • TEAK - A full flavoured nutty smoke with a medium nicotine strength.

  • ELM - A strong flavour of wood with a medium to full nicotine strength.

  • OAK - Balanced flavour intensity with a medium nicotine strength and nutty notes.

  • CYPRESS - Medium flavour intensity with citrus notes and a zesty taste profile.  Mild nicotine strength.

  • BIRCH - The lightest in flavour and nicotine strength, the birch has a pleasant herbal taste.

Heets Flavours Coolour Swatch

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